Lucas and Juliana Nunes - South America Regional Office

Juliana (07/28/86), Lucas Nunes (07/09/85) and their first son Matheus (10/01/16) are missionaries of the Church of the Nazarene and were assigned to serve in the South America Regional Office, located in Argentina.

 Lucas graduated in 2007 in the course of Administration from Paulista University and completed his postgraduate degree in Personnel Management at INPG College in 2016.

 Juliana, on the other hand, graduated in 2008 in Advertising from ESAMC and completed her postgraduate degree in Business Strategic Management from UNICAMP in 2012.

 Lucas is the communications coordinator for South America Region and Juliana is the Regional Personnel Coordinator.

 The couple’s heart burns with the desire to serve God fully through their professions, beyond what they were already able to do in their local church and district.

 As local ministers of the Castelo Church of the Nazarene, they served in youth and praise ministries.

 Lucas was in charge of NYI for the Sao Paulo Southeast District in 2015, where he elaborated the theme Unity and Holiness, with the involvement of about 60 churches and 4,500 young people.

 Both were born in Brazil, where they married in 2012 and lived until their assignment to Argentina.

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Born in Brazil


Born in Brazil

  • Matheus

Home District: Brazil Sudeste Paulista

Home Church: Castelo