Uruguay celebrates pastors' children

Tacuarembó, Uruguay

The pastoral family — and especially the generations of pastors' children — is an important area. 

To address this need, the first national retreat for pastors’ children was held 2-4 February in Tacuarembó, Uruguay. 

The invitation was made to all pastors’ children from the age of 3 to age 18.

"It was a very blessed time, marking an experience filled with happiness, dialogue, and ministry to the children, as they are pastors’ children and have a special place in God’s plans," said Eduardo Meza, Church of the Nazarene missionary to Uruguay.

The theme for the retreat was “I am important.” National Child Sponsorship Program Coordinator Rocío Fonseca led the event, which had 25 pastors and leaders in attendance.

Many pastors offered thanks for the attention their children received and for highlighting the importance of serving the kingdom of God.

--Church of the Nazarene South America

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