NYI - Mikayla Shockley Profile

Mikayla Shockley
Global NYI Convention Assistant

What motivates you to work with youth?
Youth are full of life, energy, and most of the time they will tell you exactly what is on their mind. I enjoy working with youth because this was the time in my life where God completely transformed my heart and changed me as a person. He showed me what it was like to love others and to put their needs before my own. I want to help the youth see what the love of Christ looks like, what it is all about, and how it can transform their hearts if they will let Him.
How many years have you been in youth ministry?
I have been involved in youth ministry in different aspects and time frames for about 4 years.
What is the best book you have read relating to youth ministry?
One of the best books relating to youth ministry that I have read is the book Bounce: Exploring the Places Where God Is by Chris Folmsbee. When I first read this book it was actually after NYC 2011 and I was a youth at the time. At NYC 2011 I finally decided that I wanted to rekindle my relationship with Christ and truly pursue all that He had for me. This book was one of the resources given to me and to other students at the event, and it served as a great guide for me on my new journey in life.
What’s the best advice you can give a youth leader?
Be willing and available to invest into the youth. Be willing to walk with them through the greatest moments in their lives and be willing to sit with them during their worst. Whether youth leaders know it or not, they are looked at as role models. What they teach and how they invest into the lives of others will most likely be replicated in the future by those whom they have invested in.
What’s the best advice you can give to parents of youth?
Dream big with your child. Youth are so full of enthusiasm and they have ways of reaching others that many do not have.
What would you like the church to know about today’s youth?
Many youth today are dreamers with big hearts that want to help and serve in many different capacities. It is our job as the Church to stand beside the youth to help them to discover and use the gifts that God has given them to impact our world for His glory.