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How do I serve as a District NYI President?

The responsibilities of the District NYI President include:


  • Giving leadership and direction to district NYI members and working in cooperation with NYI and district leadership
  • Chairing the district NYI council to cast a vision for youth ministry on the district
  • Facilitating the development of youth ministry on the district and working with the district NYI council to define the district NYI ministry focus
  • Encouraging the development of NYI ministries in each local church on the district
  • Representing the interests of NYI on all appropriate district committees and boards
  • For a more extensive list of District NYI President responsibilities, see section 810:209 in the Church of the Nazarene Manual (2013-2017).


As the District NYI President, you are to be an encouragement and a resource for other youth workers on your district. A primary facet of your role involves connecting with local youth leaders and facilitating their connections with one another. Working together with the other district NYI officers and the district NYI council, you will help plan and execute district-wide youth events and training events for youth leaders.

How do I connect with local youth leaders on my district?

One of the primary responsibilities of a district NYI president or other district NYI leaders is to personally connect with the local youth leaders on their district. In a sense, the district NYI president acts as a “pastor” to the other youth workers. Many district NYI presidents make an effort to meet and spend time with each of the local youth leaders on their district. Spending this quality time with local youth leaders enables district NYI presidents to share their vision of youth ministry for the district. Conversely, this quality time of connection also allows the local youth leaders to share their own stories of struggle and triumph. In this way, leaders are able to support one another.


Where geography or finances may hinder a face-to-face connection, be sure to reach out to local youth leaders through digital means, such as email, phone, Skype, or Facebook. Keep them informed of district events and activities.


It is good practice to keep a running list of local youth leaders’ contact information. Update it regularly or when you hear of a change in NYI leadership in a local church.


If possible, plan regular times of fellowship and networking for the local youth leaders on your district. Some districts plan regular training days or hold annual youth workers retreat. Consider the needs and preferences of the local youth leaders on your district and plan district youth leader events accordingly.

How do I connect with the global church?

Global NYI offers many exciting events where you can get connected with youth and youth leaders from around the world.


  • The Third Wave Leadership Conference takes place approximately every four years in various locations around the world. Past locations include Quito, Ecuador; Johannesburg, South Africa; Bangkok, Thailand; and San José, Costa Rica.
  • The Global NYI Convention is held every four years in conjunction with the Church of the Nazarene General Assembly. Regional Sites allow delegates to connect and participate from all over the world via two-way videoconferencing.
  • Check out our Events page for more information regarding Third Wave and Global NYI Convention.

NYI has created regional partnerships for the purpose of encouraging cross-cultural engagement with youth from around the world. We highly encourage participating in events on your partner region/field. Maybe your district could take a mission trip to your partner region or participate in the Global NYI Convention from a site on your partner region! The partner regions are as follows:


  • Africa Region – Eastern USA (ENC) / East Central USA (MVNU)
  • Asia-Pacific Region – North Central USA (MNU) / Northwest USA (NNU)
  • Eurasia Region – Southwest USA (PLNU)
  • Mesoamerica – Canada / South Central USA (SNU)
  • South America – Central USA (ONU) / Southeast USA (TNU)

Most regions also host their own events and activities to connect youth and youth leaders from around the various countries represented on their region. To connect with your regional NYI, please visit their websites.


Be sure to get connected with your Field/National Youth Coordinator to stay up-to-date on the latest news and events sponsored by NYI. You can also follow Global NYI on Facebook at www.facebook.com/globalnyi, on Twitter @GlobalNYI, on Instagram @global_nyi, and subscribe to the Global NYI YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/user/NazareneYouth.

How do I plan a District NYI Convention?

As the District NYI President, you are the chair of the annual District NYI Convention. Planning the details of the convention falls under your responsibility. The annual District NYI Convention provides the time and space for inspirational sessions and programs to advance youth ministry across the district. It is meant to be both a celebration of the past year and a time of planning and preparation for future years. It will usually include necessary business items, such as voting on members of the district NYI council or delegates to the Global NYI Convention and giving your annual report as district NYI president.


To ensure a positive response at your District NYI Convention, come alongside your district leadership team in dreaming of ways to be creative and fun. You may have a special activity or service in conjunction with your business session. Look for opportunities to enhance the convention with special music, drama, or a dynamic speaker. Consider taking the chance to recognize leaders and friends of NYI at your convention; you may even want to present a Timothy Award to a deserving youth ministry leader. Be sure to do plenty of advertising and publicity in the months and weeks leading up to the convention. Work together with your District Superintendent and district office to promote this event to churches across the district. Do whatever is necessary to encourage as many students as possible to be involved with your annual district NYI convention.


Following the district NYI convention, complete any necessary post-convention paperwork and reporting. Send a letter to the new council members and include meeting dates and events calendar. Review the minutes from the recording secretary and file them with the district office. Register general delegates to the Global NYI Convention with Global NYI (in applicable years).

How do I organize a district leadership team?

In addition to having a district NYI president, districts may choose to elect other district NYI officers including a vice-president, secretary, and/or treasurer. Like the district NYI president, other district NYI officers are elected by the District NYI Convention by majority vote.


Besides the district NYI president and other elected district NYI officers, the district NYI council is made up of elected or appointed youth members-at-large and ministry leaders as deemed necessary by the council, district NYI president, and district superintendent. Other committees may be formed by the district NYI council in response to specific district youth ministry needs (camp committees, age-level committees, NYC committees, etc.).


The district NYI council should meet regularly to fulfill the mission and vision of the district NYI by planning and organizing ministries and activities to reach young people for Christ. The district NYI council also works to encourage and equip local churches across the district for effective youth ministry.


For more information on forming a district leadership team or electing a district NYI council, please see the District Ministry Plan Template in sections 810:200-219 of the Church of the Nazarene Manual (2013-2017).

How do I help my district elect a district NYI president?

District NYI officers must be members of a local Nazarene church in their district, be active in local and district youth ministry, and be viewed as leaders in personal example and ministry.


A district NYI nominating committee is appointed by the district NYI council and includes at least four district NYI members, the district superintendent, and the current district NYI president. This nominating committee puts forward names of candidates for district NYI officer positions, which are then elected by majority vote at the annual District NYI Convention.


District NYI officers are elected by the District NYI Convention for a one-year term (or a two-year term as recommended by the district NYI nominating committee with the approval of the district superintendent). Incumbent officers may be reelected to a new term by a “yes” or “no” vote with a two-thirds majority.


In the case of a vacancy in the position of district NYI president (due to moving, resignation, or removal by two-thirds vote of the district NYI council), the district NYI vice-president assumes the responsibilities of president until the next District NYI Convention. Should a vacancy occur among other officers (or there is no district NYI vice-president), the district NYI council fills the vacancy by a two-thirds vote if there is one nominee, or by a majority vote if there are two are more nominees.


For more information about electing District NYI officers, please refer to sections 810.207-210 of the Church of the Nazarene Manual (2013-2017).

How do I help my district elect Global NYI Convention delegates?

Every four years, the Global NYI Convention is held in conjunction with the Church of the Nazarene General Assembly. Each district may elect and send delegates to the Global NYI Convention. Delegates must be members of the Church of the Nazarene and Nazarene Youth International and be above the age of 12. Each delegate must also be a member of and reside on the district he/she represents at the time of the convention.


Organized districts with 1,750 or fewer NYI members may send the following delegates:


  • The District NYI President serving at the time of the Global NYI Convention
  • 1 ministerial delegate
  • 1 lay delegate over the age of 23
  • 1 youth delegate between the ages of 12-23

Additional delegates are eligible based on the size district NYI membership. An unorganized district is eligible to send one delegate of NYI membership age and their district NYI president.


District delegate voting may begin 18 months prior to the Global NYI Convention (or 24 months prior for countries where travel visas or extensive preparations are necessary). All district delegates are to be elected by ballot by majority vote (half of the vote, plus one) by March 31 of the year of the Global NYI Convention. Alternate delegates may also be elected at the same time as regular delegates during each District NYI Convention.


For more information on electing district delegates for the Global NYI Convention, please see section 810:417 of the Church of the Nazarene Manual (2013-2017).


Have we missed anything? Do you have additional questions?

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