The Opposition

Acts 13:1-12

This was a big moment for Paul and Barnabas. They had a mission to the Gentiles, and influence among the Roman leadership that would go a long way to spreading the news of Jesus Christ. An audience with the proconsul meant having access to the region’s governor. Sergius Paulus’ belief could make a great difference.

But there was someone else there. Elyma, who had a vested interest in the proconsul’s unbelief. If Sergius Paulus were to believe the gospel message, it would threaten Elyma’s position. And so Elyma put forth every effort to discredit Paul and Barnabus.

Too many cling to their greed, lust, or power through corruption. Following God’s will requires so much change that we should not be surprised by those who oppose God and God’s work.

Whatever adversaries we might see, or what opposition we might face, we still pray to see God’s will be done and His deliverance from evil.

Author: Michael Fraley

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