Korean SRT welcomes new members, announces retreat

Lenexa, Kansas

Front row, left to right: Jaehyung Son, Jung Ho Bae, Seong Min Oh
Back row, left to right: Byung Hong Lee, Kim Lundell, David Sung Heon Lee, Roberto Hodgson, John Lee, Songchon Chon 

The new Korean Strategic Readiness Team/Association started out the year by reviewing guidelines for members and ethnic facilitators advising district superintendents in matters regarding their ethnic group. Additional discussion topics included starting new congregations and pastoral searches requested by the D.S. The guidelines were presented by Church of the Nazarene Multicultural Ministries Director Roberto Hodgson, who welcomed the team members and the new Korean facilitator and association president, David Sung Heon Lee. 

The committee spent time reviewing an action plan developed by the former facilitator, Stephen Lee. Multicultural Ministries appreciates the leadership of Lee, who served for several years as the facilitator and president of the Korean Association.

The Korean SRT/Association is organizing a conference and family retreat to strengthen and renew pastoral families. The event will be held June 13 to 16 at the Arlington First Church of the Nazarene, 1301 W. Green Oakes Blvd., Arlington, TX 76013. More information about the conference will be available on the Multicultural Ministries website in the future.

--Multicultural Ministries

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