Following and leaving footsteps: ANU celebrates 19th graduation

Nairobi, Kenya

Africa Nazarene University celebrated its 19th graduating class 28 October with many family and friends. The class of about 1,400 included Kenya Senator Beatrice Elachi, currently serving as the majority whip, who completed her Master of Science in Governance.

The festivities included many smaller events, including the induction of 19 members to the Phi Delta Lambda Honor Society. At the Phi Delta Lambda luncheon, Vice Chancellor Leah Marangu reminded students and their families that what they had done up to that point was history; what counts is what they will do after graduation. She added that "if you travel through the mud to get to where you are going, that is something to tell your grandchildren." She wanted students to follow her lead and not take the easy way, but find a way to improve the world. She urged "Find your cause!"

Richard Omoro, Phi Delta Lambda member and area manager for Kenya Airways, agreed, stating that if the goal is to be a change agent, the students should take jobs that may pay less at the beginning but will have more impact in the future. He said making money is not the ultimate goal; living out the ANU motto — What begins here transforms the world — is. 

Commencement guest speaker Margaret Kobia, chairperson of the Public Service Commission and Marangu's former student, encouraged students to "go out with great confidence in the footsteps of ANU's distinguished alumni." She cited many alumni who have won awards, started businesses, and impacted society.

A moment of silence was observed as a tribute to the head of the Environment and Resource Management Department, Isaac Kigatiira, who recently died. Not only was he respected by those who study bees, his area of expertise, he helped start schools and churches in the area surrounding ANU. 

Nearly 500 graduates emerged from the Education Department ready to impact schools across the area. Degrees awarded for the first time included Masters of Science in Applied Technology, Master of Environment and Natural Resource Management, Bachelor of Criminal Justice and Security Management, Masters of Science in Applied Technology, Master of Environment and Natural Resource Management, and Bachelor of Criminal Justice and Security Management.

--Church of the Nazarene Africa Region via Out of Africa

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