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The purpose of the Nazarene Motorcycle Fellowship is to provide a clearinghouse for information pertaining to organizing, developing, and growing motorcycle ministries in local Nazarene churches. The intent of the Nazarene Motorcycle Fellowship is to reach motorcycle riders and their families through lifestyle evangelism and discipleship.  


Nazarene Motorcycle Fellowship is a voluntary association within the Church of the Nazarene for all who enjoy motorcycles and desire to use this common enjoyment as a bridge to spiritual birth and growth.

Join us on the NMF Facebook page. Learn what’s happening and post what’s happening in your ministry.  Be sure and check out the discussion page. Also, check out the following documents:


Motorcycle Ministry Organization

Planning Biker Sunday

Starting a Motorcycle Ministry

NMF By-Laws


The Rusty Bellomy Bikes for Missions Project


 Rusty BelomyOn July 18, 2008, while taking his grandson for a motorcycle ride near his Ashland, Kentucky home, Russell L. “Rusty” Bellomy was killed tragically and his grandson seriously injured by a drunk driver. This retired steelworker was an active member of Ashland (KY) First Church for 29 years. Rusty’s heart and soul were dedicated to the Eastern Kentucky District Work & Witness projects, participating in 31 trips across the US and around the world while also serving as Work &Witness district coordinator for 11 years. In addition, Bellomy served as a member of the district Advisory Board, the Eastern Kentucky Nazarene Missions International Council, the Camp Board, and represented the District as a lay member of the Mount Vernon Nazarene University Board of Trustees.


At The Rockledge Rumble!, the first-ever Nazarene Motorcycle Fellowship (NMF) event, held in conjunction with the 27th General Assembly, The Rusty Bellomy Bikes for Missions Project was introduced to honor this long-time biker and Nazarene. Speaking on behalf of the NMF Board, Rev. David Middendorf, chairperson, explained that this project provides funds for use in purchasing motorcycles for pastors on the mission field where such a vehicle will increase their ability to spread the gospel.


The Nazarene Motorcycle Fellowship encourages Nazarene bikers to make contributions and biker groups to take offerings at their events, including Biker Sundays, rallies, and rides. All funds given to the Rusty Bellomy Bikes for Missions Project qualify as a 10% Giving Special. 


These funds are used by indigenous pastors around the world to reach their region with the gospel. Please make your check payable to “Bellomy Bikes for Missions” and sent to:

Nazarene Motorcycle Fellowship
Church of the Nazarene 

Global Ministries Center

17001 Prairie Star Parkway 

Lenexa, KS   66220