Torch Audio Bibles for Francophone West Africa

Torch Audio Bibles for Francophone West Africa

Torch Audio Bibles for Francophone West Africa

Giving Code: 136054
Region: Africa
Area: Africa
COST (USD$): 15,000


Hearing the Word of God is essential to fully understanding the gospel, which is even more apparent in communities of oral learners. As our churches are rapidly growing across countries like Benin, Togo, Cote d'Ivoire and Burkina Faso we know that discipleship and follow up Bible studies are key to sustaining the growth of the church. Our desire is to bring the Word of God in a form that people can understand and learn by heart.

The majority of African communities are filled with oral learners, which means if we desire to help as many people as possible know the Word of God, we must find ways to communicate in audio formats in the local language. By distributing audio Bibles, we will reach more people and they will come to understand more deeply the truths of scripture

The Torch is a valuable tool in that effort. It combines an audio Bible, flashlight, and lantern into a single, hand-held, solar-powered device designed to share the World of God. The Torch can also hold recordings of teachings and Bible stories.  In remote areas where there is limited communication and sometimes no electricity, the Torch is not only a great audio Bible, but also an essential tool for life's needs.

We pray this new tool will highly impact the growth and maturity of the church. A single unit costs $75 USD and can be easily transported to different countries through the help of Work and Witness teams. Our goal is to distribute 2,000 audio Bibles over the next 2 years (2021-2023) in the Africa West Francophone Field.

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