ACF Advanced Education Scholarship Project

ACF Advanced Education Scholarship Project

ACF Advanced Education Scholarship Project

Giving Code: 137425
Region: Africa
Area: Africa
COST (USD$): 17,960


The Church in Central Africa has great human potential but limited financial resources. Compared to other fields in Africa, it is fairly young and characterized by first-generation leadership. Most Nazarene churches have only been led by one pastor since establishment.

Helping church leaders receive higher education has a beautiful multiplying effect. Leaders who are receiving advanced theological are mentored and grow as disciples as well as thinkers. They in turn teach classes on their districts and mentor future leaders. Through this process, those receiving theological education enhance the Great Commission and the development of Christ-like leaders.

This project is designed to help Nazarene leaders on the Africa Central Field complete Bachelor’s or Master’s level theological education by offering targeted scholarships. Dedicated and qualified leaders who desire theological education will be provided the opportunity, the class resources, and the technology to allow them to pursue advanced theological education.

Changes already in progress toward on-line and virtual education have been accelerated because of Covid-19, making education more accessible for those who have the necessary technological tools.

In order for students to take full advantage of these opportunities, there are a variety of needs that will be addressed through this scholarship program. Some of those include:

  • Improving technology infrastructure across the field
  • Providing key student leaders with computers in order to complete their studies
  • Helping students acquire the necessary textbooks, both electronic and physical copies
  • Assisting students in need of better internet connection in order to participate in on-line education programs
  • Helping with lodging and food expenses for those studying away from home

This project includes an intentional mentoring process as well. As students progress, they will be given the opportunity and the responsibility to be engaged in training and mentoring others while being observed by those more experienced in ministry.

Students and their districts will still participate personally to pay some of their educational expenses.  

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