SEA: New Creation Center – Children’s Ministry

SEA: New Creation Center – Children’s Ministry

SEA: New Creation Center – Children’s Ministry

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Region: Asia-Pacific
Area: Asia-Pacific
COST (USD$): 20,000


Millions of Burmese people have come to Thailand to find work or escape the civil war. In Bangkok, this often means working in factories six days a week. Unfortunately, their status as immigrant workers in Thailand puts them at risk for exploitation, discrimination, unhealthy living conditions, and many people lack proper access to health care. 

It is the children in these communities who are the most vulnerable. They cannot attend Thai schools, and most spend their days unsupervised in unsafe living conditions. Even if a child is allowed to go to school, most parents do not know what is needed to help them become connected to a school. Also, there is a lack of resources such as the Internet and devices such as laptops or tablets. These tools are necessary for online education, and not having this service prevents access to online education. Another factor that prevents the children from being educated is not understanding the Thai language. The children would not understand what is being taught at the schools.

Bangchalong Bethesda Church of the Nazarene is strategically located off the main road and in a neighborhood full of Myanmar workers. The church has developed a center to help kids in these Myanmar diaspora communities. The New Creation Center is a school that helps at-risk children develop holistically. Physically, they will rest, exercise, and eat nutritious food in a safe, monitored environment. In addition, they receive emotional and social education, which is just as crucial as literacy education. The school uses a three-language approach to children's learning: Burmese, Thai, and English. The center models compassion and allows students to learn from their mistakes.  

Most importantly, this project is essential because we are sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. Proverbs 22:6 says, "Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old, he will not depart from it." We believe the seeds planted in the hearts and lives of young children have the potential to create a lasting heart and life change for the Kingdom of God. This also can have a transformational ripple effect on families. All of the current students are from Buddhist, non-churched families. Our prayer is that families will see the positive impact immediately and be drawn to the church. We intentionally engage with families during pick-up and drop-off times, seek opportunities to listen and pray and keep attentive to the Holy Spirit's leading to engage in evangelism opportunities. 

Total Project Cost = $20,000

Building improvements to Support Student Safety = $ 5,000 per year
Annual Teacher Salary = $ 3,000 per year
School Vehicle Purchase/Driving Training = $ 5,000 per year
Educational Technology = $ 2,000 per year
Learning Experiences/Field Trips/Life Skills Training = $ 1,000 per year
Teacher/Leadership/Operational Development = $ 1,000 per year
Expanding Student Curriculum = $ 2,000 per year
Student Family Outreach = $ 1,000 per year

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