COMPASS Ministerial Excellence Fund

COMPASS Ministerial Excellence Fund

COMPASS Ministerial Excellence Fund

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Empower pastors to lead the church in biblical stewardship and into mission by removing the financial barriers that hinder them.


"I was making student loan payments of almost $1,000 a month, but I just couldn’t keep up. I was having to make ends meet any way that I could, but that affected my ministry. It felt like I couldn’t invest fully in ministry because of my financial situation, but now, without that financial stress, I’ve been able to put my full focus into ministry." -- Pastor Valerie  

The Financial Challenges

In 2016, Nazarene Research Services conducted a survey of U.S. clergy and found that the top three personal financial challenges that they face are:
1) Excessive student debt,
2) High levels of consumer debt from insufficient savings, and
3) Lack of financial preparation for retirement.

For many pastors, these become distractions from their ministry, as they experience the anxiety of living paycheck to paycheck, or they seek out additional employment and odd jobs to make ends meet. This stress takes its toll on the pastor and their family. Some have even left the ministry because of the stress and inability to support themselves and their families, resulting in fewer ministers leading the Church in evangelism and discipleship.

God At Work

We believe that God wants to free his pastors and their church members from the financial obstacles that hinder them from sharing the good news of the Kingdom of God. Freedom is being realized as pastors complete the COMPASS programs in financial literacy, management, and well-being. The COMPASS Journey program provides training in biblical financial stewardship for the pastor and spouse, accountability with two of their lay leaders, and matching grants for the pastors to reduce their personal debt or add to their retirement savings.
"It [financial stress] felt like we were carrying this huge weight on our back, and now that weight is becoming lighter and lighter. There is such a sense of freedom!" -- Pastor Ajay

These pastors focus on improving their own biblical financial stewardship in the COMPASS Journey and they often pay off thousands of dollars of debt during that time. They learn about debt management and the power of interest that either works for them or against them. They begin investing in their own retirement savings, establishing emergency funds for their families, and engaging in the financial stewardship training of their churches.

As the pastors' confidence and abilities in financial matters increase, they are emboldened to share their experiences and what they have learned financially. They are empowered to call their churches to do the same. When pastors and their congregations are released from overwhelming debt they have more time and energy to pour into evangelism and discipleship in their neighborhoods.

Lives Are Changed

Money is no longer a taboo subject. Communications improves between the pastor and spouse. Communication about financial matters in the church grows stronger. This has a ripple effect beyond the area of finances. As pastors and church members alike break free from financial bondage to debt and the lack of savings, the resources that God has given them are freed up for wider use in God's mission. They all find a renewed passion for fulfilling the call of God to make Christlike disciples as they offer more of their talents and treasure to do so.
"This was an absolute lifeline for me to get serious about my finances. I cannot stress enough how valuable this really is to us ministers." -- Pastor Lucian

At the end of COMPASS programs, pastors receive matching grants from the COMPASS Ministerial Excellence Fund. Lilly Endowment, Inc. has provided the initial seed money as part of their National Initiative to Address the Economic Challenges Facing Pastoral Leaders. The COMPASS Initiative uses the Ministerial Excellence Fund to match grants that local churches and districts raise for their pastors when the pastor completes a COMPASS program. Pastors then use all of these funds for personal debt reduction or their retirement savings.

You Can Help

Members of the Church of the Nazarene are invited to empower their Nazarene pastors to model, preach, and teach biblical financial stewardship. By contributing to the Ministerial Excellence Fund, you will free our pastors from the financial chains that hinder the work of the Church. Your contribution will provide the future grants and training for our Nazarene pastors. An investment in the COMPASS Ministerial Excellence Fund is an investment in the financial stability of pastors which ultimately empowers pastors and their churches to fulfill their call to leadership in evangelism and making Christlike disciples.
"We have redesigned our [church] accounting and have a much clearer look at our finances. This was much needed...but, truly, the COMPASS Initiative was the catalyst to get us where we are." -- Pastor Dave

Will you join the movement to free the Church from financial bondage so more souls can be saved? 

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