Purchase a new Hiace

Purchase a new Hiace

Purchase a new Hiace

Giving Code: 136390
Region: Mesoamerica
Area: Mesoamerica
COST (USD$): 7,000


Guatemala Work & Witness has hosted more than 400 short-term teams over the years, mobilizing thousands of people to serve alongside local churches and districts across the country. Most of the teams arrive in the capital and then travel for hours to reach the community where they will be serving. 

The many miles most teams travel within Guatemala make good transportation a necessity. Leaders in the ministry knew a vehicle would need to be purchased to replace an older one sold in 2019. Recently, pandemic restrictions requiring vehicles to only be filled to 50% capacity re-emphasized the need. 

The Work & Witness coordinator recently encountered a vehicle that fit the requirements perfectly. It is a well-maintained 2013 Hiace the owner is selling for $20,000 USD. The ministry has $13,000 from the sale of the previous vehicle, leaving a need for $7,000 in order to complete the purchase.   

One day, when pandemic restrictions ease and more teams are able to travel, this vehicle will give more flexibility to host several short-term missions teams at the same time.

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