PMF: Property Repairs for Churches

PMF:  Property Repairs for Churches

PMF: Property Repairs for Churches

Giving Code: 136422
Region: Asia-Pacific
Area: Asia-Pacific
COST (USD$): 12,000


Many churches in the Philippines spring up organically in someone's home, somewhere outdoor, a building donated or a rented building. As a result, there are many physical structures where churches meet that require repair or renovation.

These repairs can span from addressing plumbing needs so the church has a usable bathroom, to electrical or carpentry issues. For many of these locations, a budget of $2,000 - $4,000 can make a big difference to make their space more functional.

This project is targeted to renovations or repairs that will better position the church for ministry in the community. These are churches who are already ministering and who have already contributed towards the intended project in some way. By contributing towards this project, you can help to “jump start” community outreach ministries, led by passionate and visionary leaders, by addressing the structural issues of the facilities.

This is an ongoing situation, so this project is intended to address the needs of approximately 4 churches every year. With an estimated budget of $3,000 per project, the total annual budget is $12,000.

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