Central Europe - Croatia Zagreb Ministry Center

Central Europe - Croatia Zagreb Ministry Center

Central Europe - Croatia Zagreb Ministry Center

Giving Code: 135179
Region: Eurasia
Area: Eurasia
COST (USD$): 120,000


For several years, the leadership team in Croatia has struggled to find a space to accommodate their growing faith community – both for worship space and weekday activities. They have tried numerous ways to address this, but continuously end up back in the same situation - needing a different space for the many worship services, activities, ministry to asylum seekers, classes and other gatherings that meet throughout the week. The conversation about a new space began with the previous missionaries to Croatia in the summer of 2019 and the need has intensified since then. The number of children attending has increased, but there is not a proper place to host them. The services are often standing room only and we do not have enough space to come together as one church body. And now, we are not even able to meet the COVID legal distancing requirements because we do not have enough space. However, even before the COVID-19 situation, we needed a new space that was more centrally located, large enough for our growing community, would facilitate the growth of our children’s ministry, and provide more ministry opportunities.
Your donations will help provide a beacon of hope for the residents of Zagreb. The property will immediately benefit those regularly attending our worship services and weekly activities. Many of those attending are from the asylum-seeking community and a better location would help them come to the church’s activities more often. In the future, we see the property being a district center (as well as a local church/ministry center) that provides support to the work in Croatia.

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