SLD: Blessing Churches Fund

SLD: Blessing Churches Fund

SLD: Blessing Churches Fund

Giving Code: 135339
Region: Asia-Pacific
Area: Asia-Pacific
COST (USD$): 40,000


From time to time, churches face unexpected but serious rebuilding issues. The Blessing Churches Fund is intended to rebuild church buildings used for ministry and training in this pioneer area.

The fund is named for a particular congregation facing an unexpected need to rebuild their building. In early 2020, their next-door neighbor built a multi-story building very close to their property line, which caused the foundation of the church building to shift. Cracks indicated it was going to fall, so they demolished it to prevent injuries. Though the neighbor contributed financially towards rebuilding, it was not nearly enough to cover the costs of a new structure. The church board has been working diligently to rebuild with both labor and funds, but they need additional financial help to complete the project.

This fund is intended offer help to this church and others facing similar circumstances. The church provides labor and some financial resources, so this fund acts as an encouragement to the congregation that enables them to face what seems to be an impossible situation.

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