DRC Maniema District Center

DRC Maniema District Center

DRC Maniema District Center

Giving Code: 133810
Region: Africa
Area: Africa
COST (USD$): 28,000


The Maniema District has been a district on its own for five years after being separated from another district. The area had grown too fast and was too far for the leadership structure of the old district, and they needed a solution that would allow them to continue to grow and develop in their mission. This young district is preparing to ordain their first pastors in the coming years, but they are currently unable to keep up with the demand for lay and clergy training.

We believe that a training center, complete with lodging and meeting rooms, will allow us to be able to train pastors more efficiently and send them out better prepared to accomplish the vision that God is giving them to spread the Gospel to unreached areas. For current training efforts, we often have a hard time housing people who come from far away and struggle with facilities that aren't meant for training. This center, beyond helping to stabilize a new district, will be the staging point for reaching the interior of the DRC. In addition, the district has many schools that are operating on rented properties. This center will give a permanent home to a primary and secondary school which will allow more stability and will better serve the children under their care.

We will know that we are successful when (1) Pastors and lay leaders are trained, (2) New churches are planted in unreached areas, (3) Churches continue to grow and take up the mission of the Kingdom, (4) a remote and struggling district finds stability. Pastoral training, lay training, and strategic sending are all activities that will be vital toward reaching our anticipated outcomes. Having a place for district functions, offices, DS housing, and a school will help add stability to the district.

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