The African Education T.R.E.E.

The African Education T.R.E.E.

The African Education T.R.E.E.

Giving Code: 136217
Region: Africa
Area: Africa
COST (USD$): 28,000


The vision of the Africa Region Nazarene Education and Clergy Development is geared towards resourcing and revitalizing students and Christian leaders to effectively grow in their call to Christ’s service. We recognize the wisdom of Scripture as it constantly points the faith community toward efficient mentorship and discipleship practice.

That is why we help our clergy and leaders to grow through supervised ministry within Nazarene institutions offering ministry/vocational internships and evaluating students against intentional benchmarks to help them be most effective in their ministry.

This unified approach between formal higher education and ongoing clergy development is a way to bring together our energy and strengths to prepare ministers for powerful ministry. As the regional education coordinator, Dr. Gabriel Benjiman, explained, “We cannot experience fire without light, nor can we experience light without fire, and such is the nature of the relationship between Higher Education and Clergy Development. The two work hand-in-hand and there cannot be one without the other.”

Our current priorities, or the “boughs” on this T.R.E.E. of education are:

  • Teacher Training - Formal educational development of Clergy and Academics
  • Resourcing - Reviewing, restoring and advancing educational systems
  • Economic Development - Training for long term sustainability of clergy and leaders
  • Endowments/Scholarships - Investments design and development for institutional sustainability.

The priorities come out of broader goals of:

  1. Systems synergy between Nazarene educational institutions in the Africa Region as well as other African higher education schools.
  2. Systems collaboration, especially in the areas of:
    1. Curriculum and academic oversight
    2. Women Clergy Advancement
    3. Social Media Connectedness
    4. Clergy and Leaders Resourcing
  3. Bridging the digital divide
  4. TRANS-FROM-ATION - Moving forward

Giving to the African Education T.R.E.E. project will help to support the growth, development and education of ministers across the Africa Region. Click “donate now” to support this important project!

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