New NDI Handbook for the USA/Canada Region Is Now Available

New NDI Handbook for the USA/Canada Region Is Now Available

By Nazarene Discipleship International, | 12 Jul 2023

NDI Handbook

Do you know that the new Nazarene Discipleship International (NDI) Handbook was launched immediately prior to the Global NDI Convention?

New User-Friendly Format

For many reasons, you will discover that the NDI Handbook has been modified and placed online. By being online, you have access to all the information free of cost. This new version can be easily navigated if you are acquainted with the online version of the Church of the Nazarene Manual. By placing everything online, the text can be easily revised as new information becomes available.  

A New Focus

As you get acquainted with the new NDI Handbook, you will notice that there is a major focus placed on the Five Core Principles. After the launching of A Journey of Grace, Nazarenes have been asking, “What activities should Nazarenes be doing on a daily basis if we hope to accomplish the mission of making Christlike disciples in the nations?” The answer came as the result of a series of meetings with a team of 30 global discipleship leaders. The objective of the five core principles is to lift up five discipleship-centered activities that promote and model Christlike disciples of every age and in every culture. More information about this new ministry initiative and helpful resources are provided in the new NDI Handbook and online here.

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