NDI Hosts Children’s World Quiz 2023

NDI Hosts Children’s World Quiz 2023

By Dorothy Whipp , NDI 2023 World Quiz Coordinator | 12 Jul 2023

World Quiz

"Super Wonderful" was not just a song that we opened with during praise and worship time, but it described the whole atmosphere surrounding World Quiz at General Assembly! What a privilege and an honor to get to come together!


Gathering from Around the World

We started off with a day of fun and button trading on Friday as quizzers and families checked in, received their t-shirts and bags of goodies, and spent time visiting, hugging old friends and making new friends. There were families represented from over 62 USA/Canada districts in addition to friends from Trinidad Tobago, Barbados, and South Africa. The balloons and photo opportunities were numerous, as well as the laughs and excitement! Students who were able to participate in World Quiz had qualified through a district qualifying quiz. They had successfully answered questions that covered the books of 1 and 2 Samuel along with 20 memory verses. They had made it and they were excited to be at this point! When even check-in was fun, you were in for a great time together!


Volunteers abounded with enthusiasm and joy! All worked hard, stayed up late, got up early, and were so happy to be able to do it. The number of steps taken over three days were worn like a badge of honor!


Bible Quizzing Day

Saturday was phenomenal! The fun and participation included walking into the doors of the main halls as the lights, the music, and the students and families all filled the place with a sense of wonder and anticipation. Over 1,300 quizzers heard questions, pulled their numbers, answered questions from the assigned Bible books, and then walked across a great big stage to receive medallions. The smiles on their faces were a sight to see. They were so proud! Even Dr. Digalot and Canteen found their way to Indianapolis and made an appearance!


We are so grateful for the Church of the Nazarene and, most especially, for our great big God who reminds us that He sees us, He loves us, and that He is Lord of our lives, regardless what age we are! To God be the glory!