Ministering to the Marginalized and Invisible

Ministering to the Marginalized and Invisible

By Marshall Duke, NDI Coordinator | 12 Jul 2023

Nazarene Motorcycle Fellowship

Over 180 pastors and laity filled Room 235 of the Indianapolis Convention Center for the NDI workshop titled A Road to the Marginalized: Reaching the Invisible! A panel of six representatives from the Nazarene Motorcycle Fellowship’s council shared their insights and entertained questions.


These active Christian bikers explained that while their ministries are similar, their approaches vary.  Some are affiliated with church congregations and through fellowship motorcycle ministries that may include rides, Blessing of the Bike ceremonies, biker Sundays, ice-cream runs, Bible studies, and various community volunteer efforts. Christian bikers’ ministry is designed to reach the many casual bikers in their communities, letting them know of God’s love and inviting them to join them for both fellowship and worship. 


Other council members belong to national Christian biker groups like The Priesthood or Bikers for Christ, and they focus on addressing what in the biker world are called one-percenters who are often members of various outlaw motorcycle clubs. Their approach must be to meet the one-percenters where they are so that they hear the message of Christ. It was noted that very special care and respect for protocol are musts when ministering to one-percenters. To assist with ministry to any of these marginalized groups, the workshop audience was encouraged to visit, where there are helpful articles about ministry do’s and don’ts for biker ministry.


The Rusty Bellomy Bikes for Missions Project was also highlighted. The funds received in memory of this passionate Kentucky biker have provided 172 pastors around the world with the funds to purchase a motorcycle to assist them in sharing the Gospel in their regions! 


Wayne Cheselka, outreach pastor at Midland Valley Church of the Nazarene in North Augusta, South Carolina, shared his church’s disaster relief ministry, which has worked in various communities devastated by natural disasters including floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes. He also outlined that congregation’s efforts to assist the marginalized in their community who are homeless. Homeless people typically have little to no access to showers, so using local, district, and denominational funds, Midland Valley purchased portable showers that can be deployed throughout the community. The church provides towels, toiletries, and clean underclothing for the homeless who visit their mobile shower site; some older ladies also provide home-baked goods for them as well! Since this ministry has begun, Cheselka says meeting the tangible needs of individuals has also opened doors to address individual spiritual needs.


Marginalized folk are found among all ages, sexes, and cultures; some are less adorable than others; however, their need for Christ in their lives is universal, and we are compelled in Scripture to “love your neighbor as yourself” (Mark 12:31). In Matthew 25:40, Jesus reminds us that “Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me—you did it to me” (The Message). Do you have marginalized people in your neighborhood? Ask God how you can best reach out to them with the love of Christ!


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