Wildfires burn across U.S. West Coast

Wildfires burn across U.S. West Coast

Nazarene Compassionate Ministries
| 11 Sep 2020
Oregon Fires

Almost 100 wildfires are burning in the coastal U.S. states of California, Oregon, and Washington. So far, 16 people have been killed, whole towns have burned, and hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated. In Oregon alone, some half a million people have been evacuated.

The numerous fires are exacerbated by unusually hot, dry winds, which create firestorms that spread embers across whole neighborhoods and communities. Extreme weather conditions and fluctuations have helped create fuel for the fires, and extreme heat and drought make ideal conditions for large wildfires. Smoke from the fires is stretching across North America, and conditions are hazy into much of the western United States.  

In Oregon, the Church of the Nazarene is responding on a local and district level. At least three Nazarene churches have opened space to shelter evacuees and are working with their cities to organize people. As the evacuations happen hour by hour, outdoor space will be available for those who need somewhere to go. 

So far, the fires in California have not impacted any churches. The Bear Fire is burning close to Paradise, where the Church of the Nazarene has had an ongoing ministry based out of nearby Oroville in response to the devastating 2018 Camp Fire. While many people in Oroville have been evacuated, so far, their homes are not in danger. Nazarene Compassionate Ministries is working with outside partners to mobilize supplies to all the impacted areas as they are needed.

How to help


Please pray for those facing the devastation left in the wake of the many fires and for those who have are grieving their homes and loved ones. Pray for those who are experiencing the fear and uncertainty of mandatory evacuations. Pray for the recovery of the places that have been hit hard, the swift delivery of the supplies and care they need, and for those who are fighting the fires. Pray for those who are most vulnerable, especially senior adults, individuals with disabilities, and people living in poverty. Pray for church leaders and churches responding to the needs around them. To send a prayer or note of encouragement, go to ncm.org/pray.


Churches and individuals can provide support for Nazarene disaster response through the Emergency Relief Fund. Donations will be used for immediate needs, such as water and food, as well as long-term recovery and rebuilding efforts for emergencies around the world, including this one.

To send donations by mail:

In the U.S., make checks payable to "General Treasurer" and send them to: 

Global Treasury Services
Church of the Nazarene
P.O. Box 843116
Kansas City, MO 64184-3116

Be sure to put 135466 in the Memo area.

In Canada, make checks payable to "Church of the Nazarene Canada" and send them to:

Church of the Nazarene Canada
3657 Ponytail Drive

Mississauga, ON L4X 1W5

Be sure to put 135466 in the Memo area.

For any other country, give through your local church or district, designating your gift to Global Emergency Relief.



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