Global praise reports and prayer requests: June 26, 2015

Global praise reports and prayer requests: June 26, 2015

by | 25 Jun, 2015

Recent praise reports and prayer requests from NCN News, Nazarene Missions International, and JESUS Film Harvest Partners include:


JESUS Film - Burkina Faso

"I was inhabited by anger," shared Tamini in Burkina Faso. "I lived without peace, but the JESUS film has given me a great opportunity to meet my Savior. Today, I am released from anger and frustration! I am so happy because Jesus is now my friend."

JESUS Film - Ecuador

"Alcoholism made domestic violence rampant in this area," shared a team leader in Ecuador. "Because of this, we knew we needed to show the JESUS film. In the past month, things have started to happen! Two bars have been closed, and in once-broken homes, lives are being changed. At least 25 people are being discipled, and we believe this is just the start of God's blessings in this neighborhood."

JESUS Film - Nepal

"My wife has epilepsy," Khem shared from Nepal. "It can be difficult to take care of her, as she suffers for over an hour with each episode. When I met the JESUS Film team, she was in the middle of an episode and the team helped. They prayed for her, and shortly after it stopped! We have been in contact with them since and have both made a decision to accept Christ."



Family of Paty Alvarez

Paty Alvarez passed away June 12. Just two days earlier, she had three chemotherapy treatments. Her family describes her last moments on this earth as a "sweet passing." Paty served for 10 years as the secretary of the North Andean Field and Ecuador Mission. 

Family of Alex Mkandawire

Alex Mkandawire passed away June 18 after being hospitalized the past few weeks. He leaves a wife and six children. Alex was the Nazarene Compassionate Ministries coordinator for Malawi.



For more global concerns and continued requests, see the NMI Prayer Mobilization Line by clicking here or JESUS Film Harvest Partners by clicking here.

To share additional praises or prayer requests, please use the comment section below or see the Prayer Mobilization Line's Facebook page.




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