Global praise reports and prayer requests

Global praise reports and prayer requests

by | 26 Jan, 2016

Recent praise reports and prayer requests from NCN News, Nazarene Missions International, and JESUS Film Harvest Partners include:


Asia-Pacific staff member in remission

Liza Halbrook, a system and network administrator at the Asia-Pacific Resource Center, is in remission after being diagnosed with stage 2 non-Hodgkins lymphoma 10 months ago. 

Pastors' child hit by car

Bruno Huamán, age 6, was struck by a car Friday on the way home from school. After being rushed to the hospital, Bruno was able to go home the next night with only bumps and bruises. Neighbors are saying it is a miracle he wasn’t hurt worse. His parents, Lenilde and Consuelo, pastor the Nazarene church in Ambato, Ecuador.

JESUS Film - Benin

"I am giving everything I have to God," said Christine, mother of two, in Benin. "I am happy to have seen the JESUS film. From what I saw and what I have learned, Christ gave His life to save humanity. He suffered, even for bad men, in order to save us who are lost. I am glad He protects us and gives us His peace and hope, so we can love and serve Him in all we do."

JESUS Film - Panama

"I told the Lord, if He wanted me to see the film, my grandson had to get well," shared a grandmother in Panama. "God is so good! I called my daughter before leaving my house, and she told me my grandson was better. I am a new believer today after seeing the film."



South America floods

More than 160,000 people were evacuated from their homes along the borders of Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay due to major flooding recently. Nazarene churches have been serving as shelters and emergency aid distribution centers. Click here to support local church efforts through Nazarene Compassionate Ministries. 



Harmon Schmelzenbach Sr.

Retired missionary Harmon Schmelzenbach Sr. was hospitalized recently after exhibiting signs of a stroke. The MRIs did not show conclusively whether there was a stroke, and the doctors are not certain what they are dealing with is beyond the reality of progressive Parkinson’s. They’ve found infection in his system and the indication is that this could contribute to the symptoms.

Harmon’s wife, Beverly, writes: "I really can feel the presence of God very close to me. Please let everyone know how much I appreciate their prayers!" The Schmelzenbachs served in South Africa, Namibia, Swaziland, Kenya, Ethiopia, and the U.S. 

Carol Zurcher

Retired missionary Carol Zurcher was recently hospitalized in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, USA, where she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. She is now at home recuperating with the help of her daughter and son-in-law. Carol and her late husband, Norman, served as missionaries on the Africa Region for 37 years.



For more global concerns and continued requests, see the NMI Prayer Mobilization Line by clicking here or JESUS Film Harvest Partners by clicking here. To share additional praises or prayer requests, please use the comment section below or see the Prayer Mobilization Line's Facebook page.



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