Eurasia Nazarenes join other Wesleyan-Holiness traditions for conference

Eurasia Nazarenes join other Wesleyan-Holiness traditions for conference

Nazarene News Staff
| 21 May 2024
Holiness Workshop

The Wesleyan Holiness Connection held its first European conference from 27-29 April at the New Life Wesleyan Church in Birmingham, England. Representatives from various denominations, all sharing in the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition, came together under the theme “Holiness for such a time as this.”

Participants from the Church of the Nazarene included 10 representatives from the Western Mediterranean Field of France, Spain, Italy, and Portugal and many participants from the British Isles South District.

“[I was] so thankful for this time of gathering,” said Pastor Ben-Oni Valentin from France. “What an opportunity to meet brothers and sisters from other denominations and countries who share the same Wesleyan-Holiness heritage. We’ve been reminded how much the deepness of the message of holiness from John Wesley is still relevant today.”

The three days consisted of prayer, worship, reflection, discussion, and connection.

Participants could participate in one of the four workshops, each answering the call to holiness in action. The workshops were:

  • Wesleyan Mission: The Oxygen Movement by Cassius Francis
  • Art and Creative Worship by NTC–Manchester Professor Louise Kenyon
  • How to Bless the Community Through Creative Engagement by Anji Barker
  • Collaborative Leaders in the Wesleyan Way with Denominational leaders and representatives.

Many came away from the workshops challenged, energized, and motivated by seeing the church working outside the box to minister in their communities and how they can go forth and do the same.

Keynote speakers included Deirdre Brower Latz, president of NTC–Manchester, Kevin Mannoia from the Free Methodist Church, and John Richardson, Wesleyan Holiness Connection Executive Director with devotionals given by Lemuel Thuston from Church of God in Christ and David White of New Life Wesleyan.

Mannoia reflected on how God is on the move, weaving people and the Kingdom together for God’s purpose. He reminded participants that differences in doctrinal background do not make one denomination better than another but rather allow us to look at holiness through the lens of others.

The topic opened the door for deep discussions in small groups around questions like “How do we envision the future of the Wesleyan-Holiness theology and its relevance?” and “How can we approach differences in interpretation or emphasis within the Wesleyan Holiness theology among leaders and congregations?”.

“This observation took us to what leaders need most, which is a ‘pure heart,’” Valentin said. “We must be rooted in the heart of God and at the same time reach as far as possible into culture in order to bring transformation.”

--Church of the Nazarene Eurasia Region



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