For youth in Manipur, 'everything we do must be based on prayer'

Thangchinkhup Singson is the district Nazarene Youth International president for Manipur in the far northeast corner of India. He brings to his position a comprehensive vision that has changed the way youth ministry is done on his district. His goal is to assist the 20 Churches of the Nazarene in Manipur to strengthen their ministry to their 247 NYI members. He visits at least one pastor and his youth group each month to review their ministry and offer guidance and support.

On a recent visit, Singson leaned toward the pastor as they sat in the simple, one-room building that houses the pastor's congregation.

"You have 10 young people enrolled in NYI. Tell me about your ministry with them."

"Well, to be honest, it used to be that they only came for Sunday morning worship. My church offered them little else to do. Today that has changed. Thanks to you, I now realize that we must be concerned about all aspects of their lives."

"Yes," Thangchinkhup said. "Our youth deserve to have opportunities to grow and serve in many ways."

The pastor nodded in agreement. "Thank you for helping me see that."

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