Use Scripture To Share Christ

Acts 9:1-9

Our best of intentions can align us on a path of destruction. Saul was determined to disband what he perceived as a heretical, misleading Jesus movement which had become blasphemous and offensive to Jewish traditions. His passion to keep Jewish traditions pure drove him to destroy people.

Saul was so focused on his goal of holy destruction, that only Jesus could confront and redirect his intense zeal. In a stunning flash of heaven’s light, the resurrected Word from heaven called out Saul’s name. Onlookers were stunned and unable to speak. This divine intervention jolted Saul and plunged him into a disabling darkness and inability to eat for three long days. During these days of stumbling in darkness, Saul must have replayed continually the intense Damascus road encounter with the living Lord who called his name. Paul learned that to destroy the people who believed and confessed Jesus as Lord, was to destroy Jesus himself.

Author: Kim Purl

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