Under Authority

Luke 7:1-13

Pharisees questioned Jesus saying, “By what authority do you perform these miracles?” Answering a question with a question, Jesus replied “John’s baptism, was it of man or of God?” Knowing the Master had caught them in their intrigue, the Pharisees said “We do not know” (see Matthew 21:23-27).

Authority is central to ministry. Positional authority, indicated by a title or name badge, is entry level authority. Professional authority comes from one’s training and education. Pastoral authority is grounded in one’s sense of calling and purpose. Moral authority is based on the quality of a person’s character and faithfulness to their commitments. Ultimately, all authority flows from one’s identity. Jesus knew from where he had come, who he was, and where he was going (John 8:14).

Have you discovered the true source of spiritual authority, your identity in Christ?

Author: Phil Pinckard

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