USA/Canada Chinese pastors, spouses meet for annual retreat

Kansas City, Missouri

USA/Canada Region Chinese Ministries Facilitator Samuel Chung reported that 24 pastors and spouses joined together in Kansas City, Missouri, for a three-day annual retreat.

During the first day, USA/Canada Multicultural Ministries Director Roberto Hodgson, USA/Canada Region Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International Coordinator Larry Morris, Pensions & Benefits Director Don Walters, and Clergy Development Coordinator Stan Rodes made presentations about their ministries. Rusty Robbins presented in the afternoon about resources available through the JESUS Film. 

The Chinese pastors and their spouses met at Nazarene Theological Seminary on day two as Chuck Sunberg, interim lead pastor at Shawnee, Kansas, Church of the Nazarene, led a devotional time. Pastors discussed with NTS representatives how they could use the Chinese language for seminary training. Before departing home, the pastors and spouses stayed overnight at the Sophia Retreat Center where they spent 26 hours in prayer and reflection.

Rev. Thomas Law, Pastor of the Kirkland Chinese Church of the Nazarene from Kirkland, Washington, reflects on his time at the retreat.

My wife and I were blessed to be at this wonderful retreat with Chinese pastors and spouses and to gather at the Church of the Nazarene Global Ministry Center in Lenexa, Kansas. The building is very beautiful not just on the outside but I could feel the heart of every employee serving the mission of God there with joy and happiness. Praise the Lord!

We were greeted by Dr. Roberto Hodgson, a humble servant of God and I learned a lot about the importance of Multicultural Ministries and how it contributes to the mission of making the Church of the Nazarene a global church.

The revolving global on the second floor of the GMC reminds me about the continuous embracing love of Jesus Christ over each nation in the world. The historical furniture such as chairs, the altar, and a statue of John Wesley reminded us of the inheritance of a strong holiness doctrine. 

Several department directors explained how they can come alongside pastors and churches with specific resources and support in order to help them accomplish the mission God has given them.

We visited the Nazarene Theological Seminary the second day and learned about their ministries. Dr. Bill Selvidge, who represented NTS, spoke to us about how NTS can work with our Chinese churches and have classes taught in Chinese. 

I was touched by the friendship among other Chinese pastors and spouses. We sang praises to God together, we prayed together, we learned together, and we studied the Word together. We have built lifelong brethren relationships of love and joy and blessings.

Thanks to the coordinator, Rev. Samuel Chung, and other co-workers who made this retreat possible and successful. Thanks to the Lord!

--USA/Canada Multicultural Ministries

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