TEACH 2016 coming this August

Cincinnati, Ohio

TEACH 2016 is a national lay ministry conference for all those involved with small groups, Sunday school, and discipleship ministries.

The opening speaker is General Superintendent David Graves, who will address the first stage of discipleship – becoming rooted in Christ. For a video invitation from Graves, click here.

New believers who become “rooted in Christ” need an environment of persistent love, constant prayer, godly instruction, and modeling. Sunday school classes and small groups can provide an optimal social and spiritual environment in which new believers can learn the basic tenants of the gospel and begin to develop habits of holiness. TEACH 2016 will offer a variety of workshop tracks for equipping and resourcing lay people involved in ministry.

TEACH 2016 is August 12-13 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Learn more about TEACH 2016 at teach2016.org.

--SDMI USA/Canada