South America youth learn, serve at ALTITUD

Campinas, Brazil

Portuguese - Español

Nearly 1,500 youth from across the South America Region came together October 12 through 16 at ALTITUD, the region's quadrennial Nazarene Youth International conference. Campinas Central Church of the Nazarene in Brazil hosted the conference, where students deepened their relationship with God and carried out evangelistic activities in the community.

During these four days, national and global Church of the Nazarene leaders ministered to young people in services based on an acrostic of the Spanish word ALTITUD (amor–love, libertad–freedom, transformación–transformation, integridad–integrity, testimonio–testimony, unidad–unity, and dependencia–dependence).

The event also included ministerial workshops where youth could choose their areas of interest to receive direction and develop their gifts and talents in their respective churches and countries.

#ALTITUD16 made many moments of integration possible between young South Americans, including a Copa America soccer tournament.

On the last day, attendees participated in evangelistic outreach lead by Maximum Mission. The students were sent to 14 points throughout the city to conduct recreational activities, sports, dances, and musical and theatrical performances to announce the love of Jesus, reaching 2,700 people.

A high point of the conference occurred on the last day when, soon after Communion was served, all present spontaneously raised their hands in prayer for a group of Venezuelans and prayed for a new time in that country. Though they represented many languages and cultures, the group united as one in prayer that God would heal Venezuela.

The conference opened with more than 2,600 present and closed with 3,000. To see more photos and details from #ALTITUD16, visit the JNI SAM Facebook page.

--Church of the Nazarene South America Region

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