South Africa's Nazarene Inn serves as place of refuge

Cape Town, South Africa

During her adult life, Claire Paulse has worked as a principal at a school outside of Cape Town, South Africa, for children with special needs. As part of this responsibility, sometimes she is called upon to remove children from abusive or destructive situations by social services in South Africa. 

There were two separate instances where the social services had no place to put the children. Paulse felt the Lord speaking to her, and the Church of the Nazarene's Western Cape District had a two-bedroom house on its property that was not being used. She applied to the District Advisory Board, requesting permission to use the house as a safe place for abused children.

The permission was graciously granted and Paulse began renovations on the neglected house. She began the project through her own funds and was soon joined by other partners in this ministry. Nazarenes from across the district also generously gave toward the Nazarene Inn for abused children. 

Now, there is a fully renovated home that has been approved by the South African government. Paulse proudly notes that the government came unannounced to inspect the house and found the house, the children, and the foster mother all in a perfect state. 

Currently there are three occupants in the house. The first was removed from her home because she was physically abused. Her self-esteem was low and she could not walk or sit upright. Paulse testifies that after only one night at the Nazarene Inn, the change in this young woman became noticeable. She began to both walk and sit up straight and carry herself with dignity. Now, she is like a completely different girl — smiling, happy and laughing — and she knows that Jesus loves her. 

The other two children have similar stories of abuse and neglect, but they thank God that they can report that they are being well taken care of at the Nazarene Inn. All three have had noticeable changes in behavior and character in a short period of time. Paulse states that she knows this is all thanks to God and His healing touch in their lives. 

--Church of the Nazarene Africa Region via Out of Africa

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