Scotland church experiences rebirth

Dunfermline, Scotland

When then-District Superintendent Philip McAlister arrived at the Headwell Church of the Nazarene on Easter Sunday 2015, he hoped to bring encouragement to the small, struggling congregation.

Through difficult times, the congregation had been whittled down to almost nothing, but several were still faithful. On that day, just two were in town for worship.

A woman and her son walked in 30 minutes late. She said that she had once known the Lord, but walked away from Him. However, the Spirit had awoken her that morning with conviction that she should be in church, so she had come.

“Their presence showed us that the Lord was still interested in His church in Dunfermline,” McAlister said. “The original two said they would do what they could to help. Without them there would be no congregation there today.”

Although there had been discussion among the British Isles North District Advisory Board about closing Headwell, the group visited the church. The district’s “Church Planting Dream Team,” a separate group of visionary pastors selected to assist in strategic church planting, also visited Headwell. Everyone agreed the church should get another chance.

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