Radio ministry brings hope during Ebola crisis

Karnplay City, Liberia

Lee and Bouyanue

When thousands of Ebola-stricken people in Karnplay City, Liberia, were separated into quarantine camps to prevent the disease from spreading, Nazarenes took an innovative approach to reach them with the hope of Jesus and also combat myths and disinformation about the disease.

Liberia’s Ebola outbreak in February 2014 brought fear, isolation, sickness, and death. Most of the sick were confined to government-assembled camps for at least one month. The only outside people they could see were government-assigned teams headed by District Health Officer Aaron Glay.

Pastor Tee Latahn and his wife, Bouyanue, live in Nimba County and help oversee 10 churches on the Liberia Central District. Since 2002 they have used a regular radio broadcast in the Dan language as a means of introducing the Church of the Nazarene to listeners, and explaining the denomination’s Articles of Faith to the nearby communities.

During the Ebola crisis, knowing that his radio program would reach into the camps even though church volunteers couldn’t, Pastor Latahn decided to orient his radio programs to educate people about Ebola. 

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