Peruvian students near completion of intensive seminary program


After 10 months of ministerial work in different Awajun communities in the Peruvian jungle, students at the New Horizon satellite campus of Peru Nazarene Theological Seminary returned to campus to move forward with their remaining classes 7 January. The students — mainly comprised of Awajun bilingual people — are enrolled in an intensive Bachelor in Theology degree program.

The campus also offers regular on-campus courses throughout the year, beginning in the month of March and finishing in November.

Many of the professors for the intensive course travel from different parts of the country in order to teach in these programs. 

Some of the Awajun students are also studying in the License in Theology program at the satellite campus. This program also offers several courses over the summer and hopes to graduate their first class from the satellite campus this year.

--Church of the Nazarene South America