Paty Alvarez remembered

Ecuador, South America Region

Ruth Patricia Alvarez Moreno, 42, passed away June 12. She was a beloved secretary who served more than 10 years on the North Andean Field and the Ecuador Mission.

After fighting against an aggressive cancer for more than two months, her body couldn’t resist any longer. According to the words of her son Israel and her two brothers, Amparo and Freddy Alvarez, her departure to heaven was “very sweet.” She simply closed her eyes as someone going to sleep and went to be with the Lord.

Paty was known for her great spirit of humility and simplicity. She was always attentive to everyone and with her characteristic smile, she worked and served every day like clockwork; that is to say, with punctuality, responsibility, excellence, and joy.

There were more than 300 in attendance at the funeral, which showed that Paty touched the lives of many people. In addition to her work in the North Andean Field Office, she created two ministries for children and teens in two Nazarene churches on the Ecuador Sierra Norte District. Paty worked untiringly with these children. Many of them came to the funeral to honor her. Thanks be to God for her life’s testimony.

--Church of the Nazarene South America Region