NMI looks forward

Indianapolis, Indiana, missions

On day 2 of the Nazarene Missions International Convention, NMI adopted a simple and more flexible constitution.

A committee spent the last quadrennium endeavoring to create the constitution, which “keeps NMI focused on being a movement rather than an organization,” according to Global NMI President Philip Weatherill.

“The streamlined, simpler wording will probably translate better around the world,” said Gloria Miller, an NMI delegate and former missionary.

In addition to business, NMI sessions featured steel drums, a Rwandan children’s choir, and personal stories about LINKS.

Regional reports continued to be fast-moving and story-focused.

“I like that the convention has focused on why we do what we do,” said delegate Zack Smithson.

The Thursday evening service included an NMI challenge and flags of the 162 world areas where the Church of the Nazarene has a presence.

“I was thrilled that the opening evening service highlighted missions,” said Karen Davisson, an NMI delegate.