Nazarene youth leaders discuss new ministry methods at global gathering

Indonesia, Asia-Pacific Region

Nazarene youth leaders from around the world attended the Lausanne Movement Younger Leaders Gathering.

Nine youth leaders represented the Church of the Nazarene at the Lausanne Movement Younger Leaders Gathering this summer in Indonesia. The group connected with influential figures in youth leadership and discussed world evangelism and fulfilling the Christian mission around the world.

Participants were able to hear what the Christian church is doing in different countries, learn new ministry methods, expand their perspectives on current events in other areas, and connect through prayer and support. Each attendee even had the opportunity to have a mentor support them during the event and make a commitment to them for the next 10 years.

The Nazarene youth leaders represented a variety of countries: Frank Mills (Ghana), Jubilee Thanga (Myanmar), Rudolf Gusztin (Hungary), Abed Zien El Dien (Lebanon), Dario Richards (Barbados), Mario King (Barbados), Josué Villatoro (Mexico), Felipe Fulaneto (Brazil), and Leandro Silva (Brazil).

The youth leaders were able to meet with pastors and members from local Nazarene churches in Indonesia.

“We thank God for allowing us to participate in this event," Villatoro said. "Our commitment is to serve in the Church of the Nazarene in the different ministries where we have the privilege to be a part and contribute with this new perspective learned at YLG to each area of our church.”

The Nazarene participants were also able to attend a service at Rantau Church of the Nazarene. They talked with Pastor Yakobus Yanto, with some Nazarene Youth International leaders, and with different pastors and young people of other Nazarene churches in the area.

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