Nazarene Theological Seminary partners with Missio Alliance

Kansas City, Missouri

Nazarene Theological Seminary has partnered with Missio Alliance to further God's mission by transforming lives, leadership, and communities.

“NTS is a missional seminary serving a missional church,” said Carla Sunberg, NTS president. “We believe that God is calling together like-hearted and like-minded sisters and brothers in the faith who are uniting in the mission of God.”

Sunberg is a featured speaker at the Missio Alliance Awakenings event, April 27 to 29, in Alexandria, Virginia. There will be more than 50 diverse presenters focused on three key areas: spiritual warfare, personal discipleship, and community transformation.

Missio Alliance seeks to work alongside and between churches, denominations, schools, and networks of different kinds to see the Church in North America more fully and faithfully equipped for participation in God’s mission.

“Partnering and working together with organizations like Missio Alliance helps NTS and all of us make a greater difference in a fast-changing world,” Sunberg said. “We’re excited to further our partnership with Missio Alliance in the years to come.”

NTS and Missio Alliance also partnered for the #SheLeads event in October 2016.

--Nazarene Theological Seminary

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