Nations close borders to refugees, Nazarenes seek way forward

Idomeni, Greece

When missionaries Joshua and Shannon Herndon arrived at the Idomeni refugee camp, at the Greek border with Macedonia, they were struck by the sight of children running barefoot in the mud. Or those who each wore just one shoe.

“Maybe they’re sharing the other shoe with a sibling, or lost it along the way,” Shannon surmised (pictured above).

The Herndons, who are planning to start Nazarene work northern Greece when they relocate there this summer from their current assignment in Spain, visited Greece recently with Western Mediterranean Field leader Bruce McKellips. They had been invited by evangelical leaders already at work in the country, who offered to help the Herndons make connections before they arrive. The group arranged a prayer tour of the country, including a final stop 4 March at Idomeni, where some evangelicals are working alongside other nonprofit organizations to serve Middle East refugees who are waiting to cross into Macedonia.

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