Multicultural Ministries hosts first Portuguese Conference

Brockton, Massachusetts

Multicultural Ministries recently received the following report from Benedito Monteiro about the Multicultural Portuguese Conference:

Behind the scenes and in preparation for the event, about 10 pastors and ministers from the Portuguese-speaking churches met four times during a period of six months to plan, pray, and promote the vision that was cast last year by the Multicultural Ministries director, Dr. [Roberto] Hodgson, while in a meeting with the facilitator and another member. The vision was recast the same way it was received. Faith, hope, intentionality, determination, and prayer underpinned the whole process of preparation and implementation.

It happened in Brockton, Massachusetts, June 26 and 27. Representatives from the seven Portuguese-speaking congregations in the USA — from Massachusetts to Rhode Island to New York — joyfully and expectantly gathered in the facilities of Nova Aliança church. The inspiring theme, “United to better Serve in the Kingdom,” informed the prayers, guided the worship, stirred the conversations, warmed up the hearts of the delegates, and filled the minds of both the keynote speaker and the workshops presenters.

As anticipated, the event began unfolding slowly before the eyes of the participants. Both nights were graciously amazing and heavenly blessed. The worship teams led the participants in exaltation and adoration of our awesome God before the speaker, Dr. Jorge Barros, shared encouraging powerful and practical messages urging the audience to be available to serve despite the size and circumstances. In the morning of the second day, pastors were blessed with a very illuminating workshop on church renewal, presented by Dr. Roberto Hodgson. In the afternoon, a team of pastors presented two keen workshops called Relational Evangelism and Evangelism through the Media to the participants.

I humbly but truly believe that the first Multicultural Portuguese Conference was a success. It was a success not because of the details of the logistics behind it, or the sharpness and relevancy of the messages communicated through it, or the level of communicators and participants in it, or the enthusiasm and expectancy of the people involved in it, or the practicality and importance of the workshops presented, though all of these things were necessary and valuable. Rather, it was a success because God was behind it and through it all. As a result, Jesus was glorified and magnified among and by His people, which, upon the conclusion of the conference, scattered renewed, encouraged, and believing that united we can do better for the expansion of God’s kingdom here on Earth.

--Multicultural Ministries USA/Canada Region

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