Mesoamerica Region develops family counselor training program

San Jose, Costa Rica

The Church of the Nazarene's Mesoamerica Region recently began developing a family counseling program to address a variety of familial issues.

Irene and Miguel Garita, Mesoamerica Family Care Ministries coordinators, were asked to organize a workshop after Regional Director Carlos Saenz saw the need for the region-wide program. The event drew counselors and psychologists to San Jose, Costa Rica, 5-9 September to develop the initiative. The 15 workshop participants currently work in counseling throughout Trinidad and Tobago, Haiti, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Mexico.  

“I thank God because this plan was inspired by God and for the commitment of all participants that came to the gathering,” Miguel said. “We met eight hours per day for three days, and everybody was happy throughout the duration of the meeting.” 

During the event, the team modeled a two- to three-year program that will train counselors throughout the region. The program is designed to address eight key issues that families in the region face:

•    Violence
•    Infidelity
•    Addictions
•    Finances
•    Communication
•    Parenting
•    Physical health
•    Mental health

To be accepted into the training program, applicants must be active Nazarene pastors or leaders currently involved in a family ministry. 

The team also committed to developing family centers throughout the region to provide mental and spiritual support for those in need.

“This [training] will be a great blessing for many families,” Miguel said. “We want to see families thrive, and for that reason we want to equip them with the right tools to help them deal with problems and difficulties they may be going through.”

--Church of the Nazarene Mesoamerica

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