Global praise reports and prayer requests: March 20, 2015

Recent praise reports and prayer requests from NCN News, Nazarene Missions International, and JESUS Film Harvest Partners include:


JESUS Film - Pakistan
"I did not like to go to church or pray," confessed Michal in Pakistan. "But when the JESUS film came to our village, my family forced me to watch. When I saw Jesus suffering on my behalf, I couldn't help it; the tears just flowed. I am so thankful for His sacrifice and accepted Him as my Savior."

JESUS Film - Peru
"My husband left me to form another family," shared Elita, a mother of four from Peru. "When my daughter was sick, I went to see the JESUS film. I was able to connect with the team, and now my daughter is better. I serve the Lord with all my heart."

JESUS Film - Venezuela
"I was sad all the time," shared a viewer in Venezuela. "I lived alone. After I saw the JESUS film, I became a new person. Jesus changed my life, and I am so happy. He is my hope!"


Sisters on Southeast Asia Field
Two sisters on the Southeast Asia Field became Christians while their father was away. When the father, who is a leader in the traditional religion, heard about his daughters' decision, he returned home and the daughters went into hiding. 


Fullah update
Pastor James Fullah's 6-yeah-old daughter recently tested positive for the Ebola virus. James lost his wife, Isatu, to Ebola last month and is currently in quarantine with his other four children. His church, Amazing Grace Church of the Nazarene outside Freetown, Sierra Leone, has been temporarily shut down.

Diana Haworth
Former missionary Diana Haworth is battling cancer. Following chemotherapy, she underwent surgery that revealed the cancer metastasized. Diana and her husband, Will, served as missionaries in Uruguay and Mexico.


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