Fullah family declared Ebola-free

Sierra Leone, Africa Region

Church of the Nazarene Pastor James Fullah of Sierra Leone and his family were declared Ebola-free after completing 21 days of quarantine.

James, his five children, and seven other family members were placed in quarantine after James' wife, Isatu, passed away in February from the Ebola virus. Two of the couple's daughters, ages 6 and 16, showed symptoms of the virus and were taken to a treatment center, where one daughter tested positive.

"After some weeks, Pastor Fullah became worried that he was not hearing any news about her," said Vidal Cole, Sierra Leone district superintendent. "He informed me and I worked with our leadership team to help to trace the girl. By the grace of God we were able to get in touch with some officials at the Ebola command center and quite recently we received news that she was recovering and doing well."

The second daughter tested negative and was released after a short stay.

"It was quite a scene in the community yesterday as Pastor Fullah's quarantine period was declared over and [the first daughter was] handed back over," Cole said. "The entire community burst out in praise and thanksgiving to God for what they considered a mighty and great deliverance from death. For the most part, whenever Ebola enters a family, it almost wipes out the entire family. In this case the people were very grateful to God for sparing the two girls who showed the signs and symptoms at a point, most especially [the daughter] who actually tested positive.

"On behalf of the Fullah family and the entire Sierra Leone District, I want to express our profound gratitude to you and the entire Nazarene family worldwide for your love, support, and prayers. We believe that if this family is rejoicing today, it is because of the prayers of our wonderful Nazarene family around the globe that kept believing and trusting the Lord for His divine intervention in this family."

James pastors the Amazing Grace Church of the Nazarene near Freetown.

To learn more about the church’s “21 and Free” campaign to minister to others living in quarantine or to support the Church of the Nazarene’s Ebola relief efforts, visit ncm.org/ebolarelief.

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