Flags of the Nations: Nicaragua

The national flag of Nicaragua has three equal horizontal bands of blue, white, and blue with the national coat of arms centered in the white band. The coat of arms features a triangle encircled by the words Republica de Nicaragua on the top and America Central on the bottom.

Since September 1, 2009, each week the Church of the Nazarene's Global Ministry Center (GMC) proudly flies a flag of one of the many nations in which the denomination is present in ministry. Leaders were invited to send a national flag to be flown at the GMC alongside the flag of the United States*. The national flags rotate weekly, and photos of them raised are sent to the church leaders of that country.

This week: Nicaragua

The Church of the Nazarene officially entered Nicaragua in 1937.

Nicaragua had a population of 6,085,213 in 2018. That same year, Nicaragua reported 195 Churches of the Nazarene, 186 of which had been officially organized. Nicaragua has 15,652 total members.

Located on the Mesoamerica Region, Nicaragua has two Phase 3 districts, one Phase 2 district, and one Phase 1 district. For more information about the Mesoamerica Region, visit mesoamericaregion.org.

* = The weekly highlighted flag is raised on the middle of three poles in compliance with U.S. government protocols. It flies to the left of the GMC host-nation United States flag, which flies above the host-state flag of Kansas. The Christian flag flies on the third pole.

The Global Ministry Center is the mission and service hub of the Church of the Nazarene.

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