Determined to live

Pratima, a beautician by profession, lives in the state of Maharashtra, India. Her husband, Prashant, is a businessman and her two children, Levi and Silvi, are completing their graduate studies.

Pratima's family is a devoted Christian family with a strong sense and availability to serve the Church of God in every possible way. Whenever there is any program in their Church of the Nazarene, her entire family is eager to serve.

In 2007, a team of young Christian ministers was visiting the church and was ministering to help spiritual growth. The team of young people did not know how to cook. Being an accomplished cook, Pratima was driven by compassion for these young people and took up the responsibility of cooking for them almost daily. Because of this provision, the team's spirit of ministry was immensely lifted up and Pratima was glad to be serving these young ministers.

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