Carla Sunberg receives Towel and Basin Award

Kansas City, Missouri

Nazarene Theological Seminary recently awarded Carla Sunberg with the Towel and Basin Award at its annual homecoming dinner 26 September. The homecoming dinner provides annual opportunity for alumni and friends to reconnect and celebrate what God is doing through the ministry of NTS.

During the evening's presentation, Dean of the Faculty Josh Sweeden presented Sunberg with the award. 

"NTS reserves this award for alumni and friends of the seminary who model within our community the very characteristics of Christ — as seen in the Christ Hymn (Philippians 2:5-11) and in the Gospel of John, when Jesus washes the disciples’ feet," he said. "From a Christian perspective, the towel and basin reflect our theology of leadership."

Sweeden shared comments on Sunberg's servant leadership during her time as NTS president, which spanned from 2014 until her election as a general superintendent this summer. He especially highlighted her pastoral approach, strong work ethic, and her commitment to making NTS a place for all students.

"She was a champion for underrepresented students," he said. "She has helped point NTS on a trajectory to serving a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic church. Her advocacy for women in ministry was relentless, and rightly so."

Jeren Rowell, chair of the NTS Board of Trustees, also offered congratulatory comments. 

"The Board of Trustees congratulates Dr. Sunberg on receiving this year’s Towel and Basin Award," he said. "The theme of this award perfectly images the kind of leadership that Dr. Sunberg brought to NTS during her tenure. The future of our seminary is bright and we thank Dr. Sunberg for leading us toward this hope-filled future."

The NTS community invites all to join the seminary in prayer as the Board of Trustees continues its work to elect the next president. Stay up to date on NTS news and events by joining the NTS mailing list and following NTS on social media.

--Nazarene Theological Seminary

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