Bangladesh youth accept Christ, get baptized at Mega NYI Conference

Bangladesh, Eurasia Region

More than 300 young people gathered from across Bangladesh, 22 to 25 September, for a mega youth conference at which 16 accepted Jesus Christ as their savior and were baptized on Sunday morning. Another 14 accepted Christ that evening and will be baptized soon.

“In Bangladesh, youth … motivate the local church members and encourage them to lead their life following the biblical principles,” wrote the South District Nazarene Youth International president*. “We believe the youths are the driving force of the local churches. They will work together with the local church pastors to advance the kingdom of God through proclaiming the gospel of God and making disciples.”

The organizers wanted the 14- to 22-year-olds who attended to develop spiritually and be motivated to serve in their local churches. The theme was based on Philippians 1:27: “Only let your manner of life to be worthy of the gospel of Christ."

Some of the Nazarene youth invited friends, including those who had never heard about Jesus before.

One of the new believers, Bitan*, said, “Before I took part in the conference, I used to worship [other] gods and goddesses. I got an opportunity to join this Mega NYI Conference through one of my Christian friends. After attending the NYI conference, I listened to the preaching of the gospel of the Holy Bible. [The superintendent] of the South District preached on faithfulness and salvation, and I heard it attentively. While I was listening to the preaching, I felt if I do not accept Jesus, I will never get salvation. So I accepted Jesus Christ in the conference in front of every participant.”

“I did not know about Jesus Christ before I attended in the NYI conference,” said 14-year-old Bahulya*. “Joining in this NYI conference, I have come to learn about Jesus Christ. Now I know Jesus is light and He can set me free from sin. I asked myself, ‘I am leading a life in the darkness. It seems to me, where there is not Jesus there is no light. In addition, I understand Jesus is the source of light and the only way to get salvation.’ Then I accepted Jesus as my savior. Please pray for me so that I can lead my life with HIS mercy, love, affection and compassion.”

--Church of the Nazarene Eurasia

*Names omitted or changed for security

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