Arkansas church members recovering after van crash

Clinton, Arkansas

THV11 photo

A serious accident sent several members of a Beebe church group to the hospital on Monday.

The group from the Beebe Nazarene Church had just spent a weekend at church camp in Missouri. Ten teenagers and two adults are all thankful to be alive.

Lt. Jason Lynch with the Clinton Volunteer Fire Department says the church bus ran off the road on Highway 65 south of Denard.

"They left the highway; the van had turned over and had trapped a few of them in there."

Lynch was one of the first on the scene.

"When we got there several were out; several were still pinned in the vehicle."

Several fire departments and rescue squads worked together to treat the 12 victims involved.

Lynch says the entire church group left a lasting impression on first responders.

"They had a certain calm about them. They seemed like they were shook up, but they just had a calm."

He, along with numerous other first responders and area churches, are showing their support for the Beebe Nazarene Church through social media.

Church of the Nazarene [North Arkansas] District Superintendent Dr. Randy Berkner says it's obvious that many people care for these kids.

"We're all like family; [we] pull together in times like this."

Berkner says their faith has been demonstrated through this crisis and for Lynch it's an amazing thing to witness.

"The grace of God was with them throughout the whole ride. They crossed a northbound lane of Highway 65 without hitting another car, and that's something that usually doesn't happen."

As those victims heal, Lynch says there's no question of the support that's behind them.

"The hand of the Lord was on top of them. Really that's what saved them."

Two of those victims remain in the hospital and are expected to be ok. Everyone involved in the crash was wearing their seatbelts.

--Republished with permission from THV11

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