APNTS inaugurates 7th president

Manila, Philippines

Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary inaugurated Bruce Oldham as its seventh president 27 March.

Students, faculty, staff, and guests witnessed the occasion along with Church of the Nazarene leaders who flew from various countries to witness the inauguration. Asia-Pacific Regional Director Mark Louw, Asia-Pacific Regional Education Coordinator John Moore, Board of Trustees Chairman Kafoa Muaror, and the International Board of Education Commissioner Daniel Copp were among those who attended. Oldham’s children, Scott and Lyndsey, also came from the U.S. to show their support.

General Superintendent David W. Graves and former Board of Trustees Chairman Neville Bartle delivered congratulatory remarks by video.

Korea District Superintendent Young Su Kim gave a special message and presented gifts to Oldham from the Korea District.

Oldham was elected APNTS president 31 July. He and his wife, Peggy (now a member of the faculty), transitioned to the seminary 1 November.

--Church of the Nazarene Asia-Pacific

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