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As a Bible Quizzing leader, you are in a key position to mentor and disciple the youth who are a part of the Bible Quizzing ministry at your church. As a local Bible Quizzing coach, you should first:


• Pray for your quizzers

• Organize and lead weekly devotionals

• Demonstrate and facilitate interest in God’s Word

• Contact quizzers on a regular basis to encourage them

• Demonstrate good sportsmanship at all quizzing events


These items set the tone for what Bible Quizzing is about and keep you and your quizzers focused on what truly matters. Here are some additional resources to help you lead well.


How to organize a weekly Bible study

• You should read and study the material to be covered during the study. Pray for the Lord’s guidance.

• Plan a game or activity that helps the group begin thinking about the Scripture being covered.

• Pray together.

• Read the material out loud together. Spend time asking and answering questions regarding the passage.  Help everyone in the group understand what the Scripture means.

• Allow God to speak through the message of the text. Share a story or a personal experience that relates to the Scripture.

• Allow time for more questions or input regarding the understanding.

• Talk about what kind of response that the Scripture calls for in the life of the church or in individual lives.

Close with prayer.


How to organize a competition practice

• Set a regular time during the week to practice for competition.

• Encourage the memorization of important verses; spend time memorizing and quoting to each other.

• Play a learning game to familiarize the group with the material being covered

• Ask quizzing questions from the material being covered.

• Divide the group and compete against each other.

• Keep the focus on knowing and understanding the Word and not on winning and losing.